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Frequently Asked Questions

1)What are your capabilities?

If you are on our website you see we have a variety of services to offer. Remember it is what you do not see that is our greatest attribute.  We have grown year by year by offering specialized solutions.  Although we offer commercial sewing, contract packaging and assembly, we are always looking for partnership opportunities.  If there is a project that you would like us to review, please do not hesitate to inquire. If we cannot meet your needs, we can help you find another agency who could assist you.

2)Can you service a client out of your  immediate area?

YES!  Herkimer Industries has clients as far away as Vermont, Arizona, and Colorado.

We have access to very competitive and reliable shipping providers. In many cases we can manufacture a product, assemble it, package it, and warehouse it in our facility.  When it is ready to ship, we can send it to any end user/distribution center in the county and beyond.

3) How do you control quality?

Quality is measured by very specific parameters.   We work closely with our customers to set realistic and meaningful quality benchmarks.  All projects are reviewed by staff at several levels.  Herkimer Industries is in the process of becoming ISO compliant.

4)Can you deliver on a deadline?

In any business the need for on time delivery is essential.  We plan production very carefully to do all we can to meet our customer’s needs.  For certain projects we have added a second shift or worked on weekends to meet deadlines.

5)How do project materials get to & from your facility?

Many customers ship raw materials direct from the manufacturer to us.  We inventory the raw materials and use them as orders are sent to us to process.  Some customers prefer to simply have us source all materials in a product and have the finished and packaged final product sent directly to the end user.  All products are sent from our facility on our own trucks or insured carriers.  Shipments are fully tracked until delivery is confirmed.

6)What type of controls and communication do you maintain

    to assure a client their project is correct and on schedule?

All projects are detailed in writing and reviewed to assure the work is done to specification.

The client and all our supervisors have access to the detailed statement of work(SOW).

Once the project is started, we communicate quality, testing, and delivery schedules to an assigned point of contact(POC) via email or fax.

7)Will I have a “key person” oversee my project?

Yes!  You will have one point of contact(POC) with full access by phone and email.

Your  POC will have all the information you need and can help you with details like  delivery, billing and change orders.

8)Are you a state agency?

Herkimer Industries is a division of the Herkimer Area Resource Center. The HARC is part of the ARC family.  All ARC’s are 501 C 3 voluntary organizations and NOT part of the state or federal government. We are bound by the state Health and Labor laws like any corporation.  Our mission helps people with disabilities find useful employment, thus lightening the need for government subsidies.

9)How are you different from other agencies that offer similar services?

There are several non-profits that offer similar services.  Herkimer Industries is a non-profit with a dual mission: to put people with disabilities to meaningful work AND offer Fortune 500 level quality and service to our many corporate customers. That sets us apart from the others.

In addition, we can take new “out of the box” applications and make them a cost effective reality. 

10)How much of a  project is done by people with disabilities?

This depends on the complexity of the project.  We always strive to have as much of the work done by people with disabilities. Sometimes it requires a combination of non-disabled labor, HARC staff, and workers with disabilities to meet the customer’s needs.  All labor and quality benchmarks are fully documented.

11)What are the working conditions?

Herkimer Industries is a fun place to work.  There is a waiting list of people that WANT to work here. In addition to employment, there is a staff nurse, occupational and behavioral therapy, as well as excellence recognition programs.

12)What is your mission statement?

HARC enables people with disabilities, and others in our community, to achieve full potential and enriched lives.

13)How can Herkimer Industries help a company avoid the bidding process when dealing with state and Federal contracts?

There are two programs: the Ability One program for Federal projects and New York State Industries for the Disabled (NYSID) for New York State Projects.  Please go to the State & Federal solutions page of our website for more details.

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